Budget 2018


@mikehunt and @glasagusban so entrenched in their views here they can’t see the wood for the trees.

None of the right wingers on this forum like myself have any problem with paying our fare share. What sickens me is worthy causes are deprived of funding to pay for the lifestyles of layabouts. I saw a feature on Six One about St. Patrick’s Special School in Enniscorthy and the outdated facilities those kids have to put up with, it fucking broke my heart. By all means take 55% from me, even 60%, but use it to fund facilities like that, the truely vulnerable in society. Not some fucking scumbag who spends his days strung out on the Liffey boardwalk.


I agree. I merely asked the lads throwing up simplistic cliché arguments about “spongers” etc to back up their posts with a small bit of depth or a handful of facts. I won’t hold my breath.


so no disability allowance if people don’t have their leaving cert? wow


Okey dokey
Ireland’s positive demographics suggest it should have a lower disability rate than other countries in Europe.

But we don’t.



Paying social welfare is all part of your social contract. It’s the price you pay for social peace so that the poor and the misfortunate don’t get so desperate that they murder you all in your beds and steal everything you own.


Wasnt much of this empathy flowing my way


Hang on a second now and I’ll just check the last census for the numbers that ticked the “I’m taking advantage of our generous welfare provisions” box.

I’m not jealous of anybody on the dole. I was on it for a few months in 2009 and it was horrible and I’m glad that we provide a safety net for those that are either temporarily out of work or for those that can’t work. My evidence is purely anecdotal as I don’t think the government publish figures for this but of course you already knew that. Are there families in Ireland with generational unemployment? Answer that please. Even when we had to look to Eastern Europe back in the boom and people came here with no English and found employment immediately, were there people who still “couldn’t” find work? Answer that please. When trying to hire people in 2010-2012 I was regularly told that salary would have to be above 36k in order for somebody to come off the dole as that was what their current income was not working. Now these were people who wanted to work, had always worked and the financial situation was complicated slightly as they would lose their mortgage protection payments once they went back to work but that’s the figures you are dealing with. Housing provision, medical cards, other allowances, they all add up. Again, happy for this to be the case for people who need a leg up from time to time but for it to be a lifestyle choice, and it is for many people in every town in Ireland, is ridiculous.




:grin: you got in there before TSG.


Try telling that to the knackers terrorising elderly people in rural areas.


Fuck you @briantinnion Fuck you. In the winter i move up to the garden of remembrance cos the Liffey wind is so cold.


1 -A bit harsh for all the people without familial support but I’d certainly support a reduced rate for anyone living at home. But I’m pretty sure that already happens.
2- Fuck it, why not. School dropout rates would plunge. Not applicable to actual sick people @The_Selfish_Giant
3- Ah jesus no. Every 12 months??? That’s as harsh as you could get. People sweating most of the year to see if they can stay on? Kids moving schools? Nah. Such a complicated scenario fucking people out of their gaff> Do you force them to save money for a deposit for a house on the open market after that?
4- Yes, I’d go with this. With the caveat that kids were allowed buy it at something approaching the market rate.
5 - Do single mothers not already name their child’s father? Most of them do I think. How else would they chase them for payments.


Vulture Funds get afforded charity status,

We’ve paid 3.5m to appeal the Apple case

but "look over there, WELFARE FRAUD"

and mugs fall for it every time.


Did a war begin in Ireland in 1996 just as the Celtic Tiger roared into life and we had full employment.


Our corporate tax rate is the bedrock of our economy. It saved us from going over a cliff during crisis as multinationals came here and paid tax via all the people they employ. Income tax is a tax on employers as much as employees - if there was no income tax salaries would not need to be as high.

Completely right that we invest to defend ourselves from EU commission tax land grab and attempts to
Usurp domestic tax sovereignty.


Do you still think we got a good deal out of the Project Eagle sale pal?


Yep. Take a good profit and move on. Lads who say you can time the market are lying to themselves. How is the market there now with Brexit.



You’re a gas man.



We should have held out for the 6bn alright.



The EU are not looking to change our corporate tax rate. It’s an anti competitive issue.