Budget 2019


You think that’s a good result for the children?

You willing to foster them?

How much do you think that will cost?


It’s not the children’s fault but it’s the state’s job to protect the weakest in society.


I never suggested to the contrary.


Well as you said the kids are there now and she cant support them so they should be fostered. Probably better for them, at least they will have a roof over their heads and not sleeping in Garda stations, will be in school, fed and watered. Rather than being on the front pages of every newspaper in the state with their mother making a fucking fool of herself.


When you go on the housing list at 17 after having one kid because you cant put a roof over their head, you don’t have another 6 fucking kids when the circumstances haven’t changed like most sensible people.


No one is saying that — but 50k in benefits ffs … that’s outrageous …


I think you paid the tax when placing a bet in the shops and on course bookmakers deducted it from your winnings. I’m pretty certain that was the case on course anyway.


I thought there was choice you either paid it when placing the bet or it could be taken from the winnings?


Net. Youd need to be earning over 90k id say to take that home. Plus no commuting to work etc and other expenses.


It’s fucking beyond outrageous ----


Introduce a sliding reversal of welfare so any kids already born are catered for and so that people know the gravy train is arriving in a terminus.


It’s no good giving this lady so much welfare and she still has to sleep in a police station. We need to build houses and stop this madness.


Sweet debating as usual.


A millionaire with 4 kids takes out 12k a year in child benefit that she doesn’t need. That’s outrageous.


It is but doesnt negate the other one either… but you have it in a nutshell there… We have a government looking out for the rich and pandering to the left - all to secure another term… They dont give two shiny shits about the working/ burglarizing man.


Do you agree with her assertions about the State?


Actually they care more about burglarising man than they do about working (slave) man.


You’d be a mug to work when the government are throwing out 50k a year just for having sex.


Well if you are woman you would be mad to work.


A few scobes could clean up lending their services to people advising them how and what they are entitled to -