Budget 2019


That’s a brilliant business idea. Unfortunately you’d find it very hard to get payment off all your knacker clients.


Yep. Make an example of her, the other irresponsible cunts might not decide to go the the ‘single’ mother route then if they see she’s not getting it all her own way.


Some do already mate, they’re called Sinn Fein.


I agree. How are you supposed to support 8 people on 50k?


Possibly, just have vague memories of the on course bookies taking it from winnings.


The millionaire (assuming not paying for All Ireland titles ating a Toblerone) is a net contributor to the exchequer. They can also access the public health system if they like. The millionaire paying 250k a year in income tax and getting 12 k in child benefit ain’t the problem.


Yes id agree with you there the state should protect those childeren because they are vulnerable and they haven’t a hope of any sort of life with that mad woman.

How should the state go about that?


That’s about your level alright, throwing out tired old stereotypes.




She could get a job.

They might be better off in foster care.


A free house would help


A forever free house?


You’d swear income tax was the only tax. Dopes.


Will the bookies absorb the 1% tax increase, is say the independent lads are gone


I didn’t realise it was that long ago that you’d have to give the bookie 1.10 to cover your £1 bet


That woman contributes nothing to this state. You seem to want to credit her for things like the state taking vat off businesses everytime she purchases something with the money that is given to her taxfree that was gathered by way of taxes from working people.
You are really dumb.


Ah yes, I forgot about all those other sin taxes and transaction taxes like Stamp Duty on boom time property purchases 10 years ago that paid for public sector wage increases.


And there’s no need to even wonder what way the kids will turn out… 7 more cunts drawing down 50k in state benefits.


Paying VAT from purchase with welfare, he’s got a gas position on finance.

It’s not that his position is entirely unreasonable. She does have 7 kids and it will cost the State a lot of money.

You’ll never hear him criticize the likes of her though.


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