Budget 2019


When, or are we ever, going to take the hard line? - Raising kids ain easy. And no one wants to see them starve - but how do we continue to look at this woman coming back with no.3, no.4, no. 5 and so on and just keep handing her more money? - How many fathers are involved here and are they contributing?

There’s couples out there killing themselves just to put a roof over their head and pay for creches - and your wan just has another baby to collect more benefits.


Says the lad being bankrolled out of Mrs O’Sullivan’s life savings.


Wasn’t there some other fella there in the last Celtic tiger, another waste of space with around 15 childer. He was getting some obscene amount of money and boasting about it in the papers


My issue is with how she got there in the first place and why she is now being trumpeted as the voice of the public on homelessness (and claims the State does nothing).

In Glas’s world she was just an unfortunate person. No personal responsibility and don’t you dare blame the culture of entitlement.

The State also does a hellova a lot for her and her kids. Resources are always scare. The level of entitlement is off the charts. There are working people earning 20 and 30 something thousand struggling to pay and couples the same but we are supposed to be angry about an outlier from society who made shit decisions.


Yeah, but Mr O’Sullivan worked very hard for all that dough


Was she “working” that night you first met her? :grinning:


I said Mr O’Sullivan …


Fuck sake.


Only the one here. He is currently residing as a guest of the government and has been caught cheating on the lovely Margaret with some other lady.


This tinker lady claims the government is robbing her alive.
She is handed a thousand a week for nothing and has several government agencies running around looking for a better house for her. The father of her 7 childeren is a convicted thief who is costing us another 2k per week in jail.

But but but but as @glasagusban points out when she buys vodka and cigarettes Tescos have to charge her vat.

I don’t know if iv said it before but it’s my belief that her childeren are being abused and they should be taken off of her and given the opportunity of a better life.


Obviously they’re going to play the poor mouth, but I’d say they’re fucked, it’ll wipe out a good few of the remainder.


John Halligan the soup taking, knee bending, fraud … that cunt Ross too …they are done.


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What the fuck would you know about it in fairness


I’d know plenty about it.


What. What would you know about it?


Who the fuck are you? Go way and shit in your hat you jumped up little cunt.


Choco has a kid in every corner of Limerick citay


Because I dont have a kid I cant comment on someone bleeding the system dry… Does your man think I dont live in the world at all -


Go on there tell us what the fuck you’d know about it.