Calling carryharry


I don’t want to look like a farmer, pal. The Border Bull has a hitch on his yoke and I shudder every time I see him pulling up the drive.


I’d keep the hitch on it @Nembo_Kid. . You never know when you may have to “up sticks” outa’ Galway in a hurry and Kinvara is always handy for the loan of a trailer.



Have 12k to spend…any advice mate?


That’s a big bag of herb.


Lump onto Leitrim to beat the handicap on Sunday.


Put the €12k down as a deposit on a new car & be done with the fuckacting. Finance is as cheap as piss right now, you’ll get full warranty & a shit load of extras on a deal on final 161 cars.


Decent advise…but I’d be in the market for a well looked after German used car around the 2010 mark.

Did the same 7 years ago, and it was money well spent.

Audi A4 vs BMW 3 series which would you go for mate?



Presume you want a diesel? Buy an old shape Skoda Superb, loads of room, buy 2.0lt 150bhp model. Rocket to go & decent on fuel. Un breakable cars & that’s why every second taxi driver in Dublin has one.


I like the sounds of 150bhp but I’m nearly considering petrol after 7 years of diesel driving as I do fuck all miles these days.

As an aside I mentioned Skoda to the mrs there and she wasn’t having it :eek:


Unless you are buying a Micra or Yaris get that silly notion of petrol out of your thick head.


It’ll be diesel all the way pal. Has to be a quick purchase as well.

If you’ve anything going throw a pm.


Why diesel, what mileage do you do a year?


Sound Har for the advise kid.

A gent.


I could do fuck all miles, then I could be doing serious miles it depends on the week mate.


@carryharry some little gurrier had a go at the rear door handle on the car and it’s just hanging off now. How much am I looking at to replace? It’s a 2016 micra


Diesel is a filthy fuel implicated in childhood and adult cancers, respiratory and cardiac disease, and alzheimers.


Be as well to keep the handle and replace the rest art.


Paying yourself mate or through insurance?


Paying myself, would it cost the NCB if I did it through insurance?


What’s colour is the car? Metallic paint?