Calling carryharry


Blue metallic paint


Would you like me to look into sourcing a Door off a damaged car? Should be a lot cheaper than ordering a New Door and then paying to get it sprayed.

#123 is a decent site for sourcing parts from scrap cars


This is obviously a warning from some crazed Lithuanians. Next thing they’ll be along to chop your arms and legs off.


Sorry, @artfoley I misread original post. If it’s only a door handle it’s an easy enough fix but you’ll probably need a mechanic to fit it if your not mechanically minded.
The Original part from Nissan won’t be too expensive but it will not come painted.
Tbh, will you need it painted?


Here you go.


You’re useful around here sweetheart, well done. :+1:


Thanks pet. Xxoo


Get a room


Already have


Cheers har. I wouldn’t give a toss but the missus would prob want painted.


@carryharry, 1 Series, A3, A-Class or Golf 2016 vintage mate?


A3 or Golf.

Plenty of choice at value money in petrol variants. Presume it will be a city car?


Yeah, with the occasional trip to the country.


1.4 tsi petrol is a great engine in the Golf


Same engine in the Audi too.

You’ll pay a bit more for the Audi, Golf just as good.


Not a moment’s trouble for years with that beaut.



11D Corolla 74,000 km. Nct to 2021. 1.4 petrol. 7500 euro.

Yes or no?


Whats the implications from brexit regarding bringing in cars from the uk do you think @carryharry.


Sounds saucy to me.