Carlow V Dublin, Sky Sports 5

Sky bought rights to show live games, i think in the 2 years they launched with Kilkenny hurling & another half empty stadium game I forget.

This time they have got it right, it will be a packed out Portlaoise with a great atmosphere as the Dubs love getting to travel anywhere and Carlow will bring a massive crowd. Will more than likely be another 1 sided game, but at least this time it will have a crowd and as a added bonus the Carlow Jerseys!


Is English your second language?


It might struggle for viewing figures against the champions league final on free to air tv .

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No, what is it you can’t understand there. Or being from Wexford are you just still pissed off you lost to Carlow and all those /Bank Holiday weekend trips to Wexford/hotel rooms down in Wexford that were booked back months ago had to be cancelled?

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I thought @Fitzy was from the County Carlow end of Bunclody?

No, still don’t think English is your native language. That’s a bit silly though, being from Wexford, why in the jaysus would I be booking a hotel room for a game?

(In saying that, I live in Australia, so it wasn’t really a problem. I am however spending a dirty night in the Intercontinental in Sydney tonight with Mrs Fitzy and going to Vivid, thanks for asking).

I annexed that years ago Geoffrey, everyone knows that, we still have troops there and will shoot down any fucking planes in that airspace. Ask anyone in Carrigduff or Oliver Plunkett Park what county they’re from and they’ll tell you Wexford.

:grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Does the taraaaaiiiian go to carlow. Not many of the hill 16 dubs would own a car. Or know where Carlow is

Great post mate, is this the first time Carlow have ever had a game shown live? I didn’t even know it was in Leinster until I saw Sky were televising this. Bravo to Rupert Murdoch for giving these minnows some air time.

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He is giving two more the same exposure on the Sunday !

Tis grand, they’re off to Portlaoise. It can hold the Dublin fans this year, but not last year, because, well, last year it would have been home advantage to the opposition and that would have been too dangerous for the greatest side of all time.


Are you still mewling about that? :joy:


I dont have to be, I won the argument as this decision has shown. Now get on the train, come on down and spend your dole money like a good chap.

Sales of bottles of glue will go through the roof

No thanks. I’ll save my dole money for a slightly more competitive game played in a nicer provincial town.

Or else I’ll just go to the AI final in Croke Park like I normally do.


Thank fuck, there’s enough of you cunts after moving down as it is without day trippers.

Did they do a scheme swap with yourself?

I dont believe such a thing exists.

Forgot the to mention how many of you cunts live on the Dublin Road as well, not to mention the amount of money their families bring into the town when they’re doing the day visit.