Idea is hard to quantify tbh.

Generally laptop & diagnostics kit for mechanics cost the guts of €1000’s….

I wouldn’t be bothered with that tbh

Sound… good to know

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@carryharry or any other posters here who could offer help advice.

Have a 131 Puegout 5008 which is coming very near the end of its life cycle and now an upgrade to another 7 seater is needed.

Want to get to an 18-21 year range. Kind of scarred by the Puegout as it gave lots of small trouble. I’ve heard the the newer model is a lot better. Mrs Pox heard good things about the Skoda Kodiaq.

The higher end Audi/Volvos are this level are out of our budget.

On our second new model 5008.
No issues tbf.
I don’t drive it often, she likes it & I think it’s a rotten drive.
But, the 3 x middle seats are unbeatable tbf. High driving position etc.
She loves it.

  • ( make sure & get highest BHP in diesel version as weight of car allied to smaller engine means harder on fuel and poor performance. )

The Skoda, 7 seats, more powerful, feels bigger etc.
Only issue, you lose 3 x middle seats. Don’t let anyone tell you different.


Just invested in a Tarraco (SEATs offering), as Harry says you lose the three middle seats, but we are kinda gone beyond the child seats so we can make it work easy enough. Didn’t go for the new 5008 based on the engine size, the previous car we had was 2L so we plumped for it again, Mrs OTS likes the extra power. Have heard the 5008 is a fine bus alright and a few friends drive them and are happy enough

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