I switched down from a 2.4 diesel to a phev. I didn’t need a big car anymore and the fuel and tax costs were depressing me. I was spending 1100 on road tax and 90-100 a week on diesel I drive to Waterford every weekend and I do a lot of driving around Dublin.
I would have had range anxiety about buying a full Electric because the round trip to a Dunmore is about 340km so I’d never do it on a single charge. So that why I went phev. I’ve a battery that has a claimed range of 50km and a petrol engine. Basically the car will get me in and out of town on a single charge. I really only use the petrol at the weekend. Like @cluaindiuic once you drive a car like this you become very conscious of driving patterns, speed and economy. My car is phenomenally economical on the petrol up to 110 kph. Over that you can nearly see the needle move on the fuel gauge. It won’t go on the electric at that speed. It will click automatically to the petrol.

My tax is now 170 and I spend about 20-25 quid a week on petrol when I go to Wd. I have a charger at home that came with the car like cld and there is a charging point in Dunmore. It’s a beautiful car to drive. I bought it on a pcp because I didn’t want to take the technology risk.

On the 50km range, I’ve never achieved this. Things like the number of people you have in the car, what’s in the boot, the outside temperature, light, weather, traffic all play havoc with this.


Not really, but moving between the Ioniq and Octavia is a little bit of a mind fuck initially. Sometimes you’ll attempt to press a phantom clutch in the Ioniq, sometimes you’ll forget to press the clutch in the Octavia. You get used to it quickly enough.


I’d say you love how quiet it is too, discrete driving.


Surprise surprise. @Fagan_ODowd likes a silent car.


It’s very silent


They would be above in the Sally gap with her saying a decade of the rosary in the boot before shed even know he was about


You have a lot of violent and sexual fantasies.


It always upsets me to see the drunken stragglers coming onto TFK around midnight or later to make nasty posts.


Better them vent on here than be hitting the wife a few digs


Good to see a bit of edge in the last few posts.

Thought I had logged on to


Full service and timing belt done on the wife’s car today. 195km on the clock. Focus zetec 1.6 08 model. She does about 1k a month. All things equal, should she be ok for awhile?


With that mileage if it’s going okay keep driving away. Current value is weak so trading in won’t make sense. Get another few years & hopefully get a Scrappage against a new one then.


Top advise Har,

You really are the go to man for car advise on the forum.


I was thinking along the same lines when i read his post




Very hard not to agree with that advice



How often should you service a car?


Like leaving the immersion on in somebody else’s house.


I did think that the other day alright. It’d be a bit cheeky turning up to someone’s house and plugging your car in for 14 hours.


@carryharry I changed a rear brake light last week. Since then I’ve intermittently been getting “low beam fault” warning for the headlight on the same side.

Is it possible the new bulb could be a wrong voltage or something and is interfering with the headlight?