Was the warning light on before you changed the bulb?


No warning relating to the headlight.
There was a warning light saying that a brake light had failed. I changed the bulb in the evening and I’ve been getting the headlight warning since the following morning.


I’d say your car has a poltergeist.


Does the headlight work properly?

Have you considered purchasing something like this and trying it out?


Is that a picture of your dick?


You seem to have replied to the wrong thread.

This one is aimed more at simpletons who cannot deal with basic motoring issues.

You seem to be after something a little different.


It’s an exorcism tool.


Think carefully before you buy a new car.


Thanks for posting that up mate… Very interesting, and Seba is usually fairly close to the mark.


I’d say run whatever you have another couple of years and then switch?

Its all still a little bit


Looks like the thought leaders on the forum like @cluaindiuic, @Rocko, @The_Selfish_Giant and myself have got this one spot on.


The comments around using the battery from your car to power your house was interesting. Not sure how that could play out in reality. Not sure Tony has thought about scenarios like… Mrs KP not letting me go Junior C training cause she wants to watch Eastenders


There’s a real status symbol attached to tipping down to Junior C training in the tractor. Have you thought of that scenario? I think this has the potential to be a win-win.


I haven’t listened to it, but how does this work? How do you charge the car battery if your using it to power your house?


More complicated scenarios… The tractor battery will be keeping the parents house warm. :unamused:


Jesus dont be overthinking this Julio… fall in to fuck.


So it’s a battery to act as a backup in cases of power failure, without the advantage of a traditional generator, in that it needs electricity to recharge, at probably 40 times the price. Seems like they’ve ironed all the kinks out of that one.


A silent car must be a super advantage for prowling


Sometimes he doesn’t even know he’s there himself.



Whats the deal with fitting out the likes of a commercial mitsubishi outlander with back seats?

Is that loop hole still there?