Think they put a halt to it. I can look into for you if you want pal.


Arah, only half a thought on my part mate. Youd always wonder about the safety of retrofitting seats too.


Farmers love a tax swizz


I have a 2010 VW Golf TDi. Engine warning light came on recently and got a sensor changed on it and it went off. Came back on again late last week but hasn’t gone off. Tonight I’ve noticed it shaking a little when in traffic and blowing a bit of smoke, fine when driving normally. I’m fearing it’s the cat? Any body else have this problem with the golf? Had previously got that letter from VW about dropping the car in to change that error they had with the emissions but haven’t dropped it in.


Where did you last pick up Diesel?

Thats what I’d put the chugging down to personally.


Yeah maybe, but I’ve refilled since the light came on. Just tried it again now and the light is still on but not chugging.


It’s not the chugger so I’d say


You’d smell the cunt surely?


Most likely the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recycler) Notoriously tricky on Golfs & VWs in general.

That or dirty diesel, which can take a while to go through the system even after you’ve refilled.

Final option is an injector acting up.


Garage was meant to have changed the EGR valve for me.


Meant to and did could be two different cans of piss, unfortunately.

If it’s dirty diesel (more and more common these days, avoid Inver, Applegreen in particular) you can get a good cleaning agent (whose name escapes me at the minute) and run it through the tank. Also, if the chugging returns, try driving it as hard as you can in as low a gear as she’ll take.


+1 to this advise from Elvis,

Pay that bit extra for Topaz diesel…worth it in the long run.


Didn’t realise this about Applegreen. I’m thinking it maybe the EGR valve then, garage I bought it in was meant to change it but maybe they didn’t bother their hole and sent me on my merry way.


You wouldn’t get that in Coogee Auto. Mugged off the returning emigrant. Smelled the queen’s dollar off you they did.


Rightly mugged off.


BG Products are the gold standard here, as far as I’m concerned. I’ve used BG44K and BG245, and both are excellent.

Failing that, he should get his ass up to someone like Aiden Birmingham Fuel Injection Services in Baldoyle Industrial Estate. I had a 2.2l diesel that had EGR valve issues, so I replaced it with a secondhand valve and got Birmingham to do an induction flush. The car was as good as new after it.


EGR valve mate if the sensor failed to fix issue.


I would not have expected problems with Inver and applegreen. What is the story?


EGR valve would not be a 1st call for that issue imo. They would have changed the sensor first, then the valve.


So in just short of 6 months we’ve put 20000km on our bumper car. We got it serviced on Friday.

Cost of service: €0.00. We were told we might have to change the wiper blades in a few months.