That’s fair travelling in fairness for a family car


Yeah it’s just the commuting that kills you mileage wise. But in that 20000km I’d estimate our total cost of fuelling the car to be about €100.


Jesus that’s some saving



I just paid $1300 to get a new alternator, battery and drive belt on my car. Broke down at a set of traffic lights last Friday morning (that was so much fun). In fairness, it’s just ticked over 200,000 kms and has been trouble free up to now. I do over 50000kms a year.
I must look into what @cluaindiuic has demonstrated here. Problem is though, Ireland is a hell of a lot more advanced (in this and many things) than Australia in relation to electric cars. There is virtually no infrastructure here to support them.
This fucking country is in the dark ages in so many ways.


20000kms in 6 months in Ireland is some going, you must have a fair commute?


In fairness 20000km in six months is not off sales rep territory. That would equate to an average of at least a tank a week at roughly €80 a fill which is about €2k. A fair saving


I’m seeing more and more resi developments with Tesla chargers in the garages now. Things are a-changing fitzy, you’ll have to be patient.


I don’t want to be patient, I’m starting into the process of buying a new car soon (@carryharry , thoughts on Hyundai Santa Fe pls) and I don’t want to have to buy a diesel again, but probably will.
This is a great country, but between lack of EV infrastructure, lack of decent broadband, lack of basic human rights for large parts of the population, sucking off the teat of the british aristocracy and the horrible, horrible flag, it has a lot of fucking improving to do.
And there’s no GAA on the TV anymore and the pubs are shit.


That’s your total cost of fuelling the car but someone else is picking up the tab for this, employer maybe? In due course you’d expect this to be charged back to the users as the use of EVs is ramped up. I’d be curious to know the exact costs involved. I think it is about a quarter the cost of diesel.


Phenomenal. Any estimate as to how much you have saved?


Interesting to see how it holds up to that mileage over time. My sister is a medical rep. Drives top of range Merc. Has 200k on it just coming up to three years. It’s in tatters. Hasn’t held up well to it at all. Now maybe she just got a bad one off the line but it’s cost a fortune to keep it on the road


I reckon on fuel alone, he’s saved about €1900 ( considering his mileage) in 6 months.

Over a four or five year period he would have saved the price of a decent car on itself


Mercs are shit cars in fairness.


She would definitely agree. She had one previously was grand car but for the price of what she has it’s a major let down.


Most sales reps cars are in tatters after 2/3 years. We tend to use them as offices. Plus the fact that they cost us very little in real terms ( BIK) we generally tend not to give a fuck. I always promise myself everyone I get the car changed, I ll treat it differently but after a month, the thing is in tatters.


Have you thought about joining a men’s shed


I haven’t mate no. Can you vouch for me at one of your next gatherings?


I work in sales and my car is immaculate inside. I’m an extremely tidy person and can’t abide any rubbish in my car, I have to take deep breaths when wife and kid are in it at the weekends.
In saying that, I fucking hate washing the thing, waste of good gardening time.


Is yours a company car or is it your own?