It’s my own, I get a tax free car allowance on top of my salary.


There in lies the difference.
A sales rep doing about 10/15 calls a day will spend a lot of his/her working day in the car. Grab a sandwich on the way to the next call. Most of the customers files in the boot of the car. I generally hoover and clear out mine once a week. But the wear and tear eventually catches up


Presume its the Kuga which gave those issues, mate?

Sante Fe a fine bus. I’ll be strongly considering one of them or a Kodiaq for 2018.


Has the power dropped off in the car? Example have you trouble getting above say 60mph? Is it burning diesel faster than usual? EGR valve famously went on my VW when I bought it a few months back as soon as I opened up its lungs on a motorway. Its extremely common in VWs. Will cost a few hundred to put in a new one unfortunately. Make sure you give the car a good blow out regular enough on motorway or something similar.


@Fitzy I detailed a lot about my commute and decision making process of getting the Ioniq back in March on this thread. Our commute is about 65km each way so we typically do about 130km each day assuming we have nowhere else to go. Range wise I’m finding a range of around 220-230km in summer. Drove home from work on Monday fully charged and and had over 170km left when I got home. Is the infrastructure really that bad over there? I feel over here it was a weird observation bias thing. You don’t see any of it is there until you go looking for it. And then all of sudden you see it here there and everywhere.

@gilgamboa I’d say @iron_mike isn’t too far off with the €2000 fuel saving. The C4 and Octavia were both petrol. So were a bit more expensive than a tank of diesel.

@Fagan_ODowd Mostly charge at work for free. But the chargers around the country remain free. I only pay for the electricity I use in my free home charger. That’s where the €100 estimate comes from. I’d say we charge it just over once a week on average at home at around €3 a pop. 1.3 x 26 x €3 = €101.40 [For those interested in a new electric car, the free home charger offer I mentioned in March got extended]

The bottom line I mentioned in March was that we were commuting in 2 cars and it was costing €600pm. We scrapped my wife’s recently detonated C4 and got the Ioniq. The repayments on the Ioniq and the amount of petrol we put in our 2nd car [2011 Octavia] is less than the €600 we were spending on petrol. We’re actually using the Octavia less than I estimated. At the time of getting the Ioniq I made what I thought was an aggressive estimate of only filling the Octavia once a month. My wife reckons we’ve only filled it 3 or 4 times since January.

As an aside, one unfortunate side effect is people wanting to stop us to talk about the car. My wife doesn’t mind that much but I’m a very reluctant evangelist. Easier in the comfort of my desk in front of a keyboard. I should make some business cards with a link to this thread, hand it to them and walk away. You also get some hilarious looks as you drive through urban areas. The fake spaceship sound of the car [they added that otherwise it’s be absolutely silent, which has proved dangerous] makes people frown and double take the car a lot.


You’re probably over the 2k in savings if it was petrol you were using. 130 km a day round trip is serious enough travelling. I would on a typical day do about 200km. Plus your weekend time. I’d go through about a tank and a half a week. The company covers all fuel costs but I try not to take the piss and try to limit personal mileage to about a tank a month which us fair enough.


I charge my 8.7 kWh battery every night at home. Cost of a kWh unit is 17.7 so nightly charge costs 1.53, meaning I pay 10.77 euro a week in electricity to do approximately 270 km. Equivalent cost for petrol would be 27 euro. .


That’s modern Ireland for you, commute wise. If you want to put down some roots and own a decent sized house [which I know is a choice, rent forever if you like] you need to compromise on location.
People on my team right now commute from Trim, Dundalk, Newbridge and Maynooth. Was on my brothers stag talking to a guys making serious money who commute from Laois and Carlow.

If I took the house I live in now in south Kildare and dropped it in the area I used to rent in Sandyford it triples in value, if not more. I’m lucky to have a work situation that allows a lot of flexibility around my schedule which allows us to minimise the amount of traffic we end up sitting in.

Make your big choices and then make them work for you.

Ouch. We split the 130km driving so it’s not that bad. I’m assuming you’ve listened to all the podcasts that ever existed at this stage?


Can you take advantage of any of the public chargers? Can you fast charge a plug in hybrid?


Well yes and no. The furthest I travel is Tramore. But a typical day for me would be starting there. Do three ir four calls. Come back into Waterford and do a few there. You might hit the likes of Wingap, Moon coin Thomas town Bennettsbridge etc on the way back. So it’s all start stop. But the mileage builds up during the day.


I can and I do when it suits.


You’d be fair tired with all that driving.


I’ve done days where 3 calls to clients & a trip home amounted to 350km +.

You’d be fucked from it, back pain an issue but dozing off the serious problem. Luckily the fucking phone never stays quiet enough to allow that though.


Rarely I’m not in the humour for it. The worst can be at the weekends after a tough week of it. The family roaring to go somewhere at the weekend and ypu not even wanting to see the inside of a car


You’ve a nice way about you and I’d say the customers and potential customers are happy to see you and have a bit of craic. Some goodwill on each side surely makes the calls and associated travel less onerous.


“Ah ya here comes Iron_Mike, a harmless lad, buy a few cartons of bananas there to keep the auld cratur happy”.


It’s funny. You more or less have to adapt the personality you are dealing with. Some lads would be call banter and you could be with them for a couple of hours. More lads are more matter of fact and just want to get on with it. In general 99 .9% of people are sound.


Whatever works


Had someone in doing one of those corporate mumbo jumbo yokes before. Basically she said people can be divided into four different groups/ colours (traits) and you need to be able to recognise these and adapt to suit.


Absolute scutter. Like those Myers Briggs tests.