Any salesman worth his salt will.have the customer / potential customers personality worked out within 30 seconds


People from Carlow must be a nightmare for them


I’m a red and green mixed, which makes me a yellow.


What colour are you?


Nightrate meter worth a look?


I can’t remember, what ever one correlated to being a cunt


Red/Yellow so


Marginal for the moment I’d say


You probably answered this before but any difference in cost of insuring it


I dont know yet.


There shouldn’t be much difderence


Spoken like a true INTJ


Good to have a few of us intj’s here


@cluaindiuic, what’s the etiquette about charging for commuters if not charging in a workplace? If you need to leave a car near a dart station for the day, you can hardly leave it charging all day can you?


This is a pretty contentious topic. Irish Electric Car Facebook groups are fairly obsessive and militant about it.

Comes down to a combination of the charger type you’re using and what car you’re driving. My car can charge quicker and to a higher % than the Leaf in a fast charger. And it auto-disconnects when complete so someone can use it after me. So it’s kind of ideal. Allows me to leave a fast charging car for a few mins without any concern that I’m screwing others in need of a charge. Becomes a problem for other cars that take longer to charge.

Dart station typically have slower chargers. They’d charge my car in about 4/5 hours from empty. Its OK to leave them charge but the problem comes when they are done charging. Like leaving a car there for 8 hours when it’d only be charging for the first 4 hours isnt great. But it depends on the location. I’ve left it charging in Dingle for a long time as I would be surprised if Dingle would be that busy. Dublin dart stations are a different stories. Also, in Dublin you’re typically charged for parking while charging. If they wanted electric cars to properly take off they could look at things like making parking free in charging spots while charging and allowing EVs use bus lanes.


Thanks. It’s the one thing that’d stop me taking it seriously. It’d save me a fortune as I’m doing 160km odd every day. But car is left at a dart station and there’d be war i imagine if it was clogging up a spot there all day. Could park for free in city centre but sitting in rush hour traffic in the evening would kill me. Often thought of the bus lane idea too but could never see it happening


Does any of the TFK community drive a new Skoda Superb? Looks like a fine motor but would appreciate some feedback.


Go for it mate. Better value than a Passat but basically the same chassis, gearbox & engine. I think it’s a nicer looking car than the Passat too tbh.
Take a test drive of a Mazda 6 too if you are open to other Saloons.


I think the new Superb is a very striking looking motor, although not quite on a par with the Mazda 6. The Passat looks good too, but as you said, there’s probably better value in the Skoda. Any issues you know of, maintenance-wise?


Nah, modern Octavia & Superb models pretty bullet proof once serviced on time & regularly.