Good stuff. Suspected as much. Thanks Harry.


I’ve had one the last few years, apart from a DPF valve never a moment’s bother. Super comfort in them if you’ve any bit of a commute. Thinking of going over the water soon to come up a few years as it happens.


Anyone ever sold a car on Carzone? Is it much hassle? How does one get paid? Bank draft?


Bank Transfer safest road to go down.

Price is properly and DO NOT meet prospective buyers at your gaff.


Careful selling shit on t’internet bro, your gaffe, his gaffe, might not matter.

A man was robbed in Portlaoise at the weekend when he went to a meeting point to exchange a sale of goods that had been organised on social media.
The robbery took place in Kilminchy, Portlaoise on Sunday, July 23 at approximately 9.25pm.
It is understood that a male foreign national had arranged to sell goods over social media and when he arrived in Kilminchy to sell the goods he was met by a large group of people who threatened him and took the goods from him.
It is understood that the group left the estate in a dark Audi and a dark Peugeot.


Was he selling weed?




Simple mistake of meeting point. Won’t happen again.


Stupid question but how does it work? Bank transfer takes at least a day to clear? Who goes first?!

I intend pricing around €2,500 to €3,000 cheaper than the price main dealers have it listed for. That’s reasonable enough I’m sure?


All depends of condition of the motor, mate. One problem with private sales is the buyers can’t obtain asset finance as you can’t invoice it & banks won’t pay out on private sales.

I presume you have a new motor lined up? If so, ask for a price with your part exchange and see what they are really offering you if you already have a price on a straight deal.
I can put you in the direction of a trade buyer if that is of help.


I’m not buying new and second hand stock is very poor for what I’m looking to buy so I’m thinking of trying to sell privately and then purchase from UK.

Be delighted if you’d throw me trade buyer details.


Selling privately is a cunt and you’ll get all sorts of cranks and wasters rocking up and it could take months to shift the car. Most sensible people will be wary that you are selling a lemon. It’s a real hidden cost in purchasing from the U.K. That you either have to take a bath selling your own car or that it just ends up gathering moss on the driveway.


I’ve heard of cases where the seller gives the buyer a key, takes the cash, then hops back into the car to get something they’ve forgotten, pull out a second key, then drive off with the car and the cash.


why is that?


Because the car will be robbed back the follow8ng evening with the third key they had made




Wouldn’t be a bad outcome. Insurance claim.


Some people take pride in photographing their motor at the front of the gaff with loads of other shit on show.
I’ve heard of lads who advertised a car, someone turns up and test drives it, haggles a price and says they will return.
But, they were scoping the joint and do return to break into the gaff, steal the second car or lawnmower which was seen in the shed etc.

Plus you get cranks who genuinely buy the motor and a few weeks later return with a grievance about such & such and expect you to do something for them.

The less these private buyers know the better.


If you like, I’ll put you in touch with herselfs cousin in the UK. Believe it or not he is a dealer, a child psychologist, and the most fundamentally decent person you’ll meet. He may trade in, I’m not sure.


Added bonus of Flatty putting you up too @briantinnion