Could do, subject to negotiation.


I regularly buy from British Car Auctions and Mainheim UK, have just recently returned with a smashing 2016 Tiguan for a guy who saved himself €4000 by the time VRT and all fees (incl mine) we’re sorted compared to purchasing from VW dealer here. Plus he got a much nicer spec


I would urge you to strongly look at the option of New Model in the Used Car you are interested in. New Car Sales are down 10% this year to date. Dealers are apparently fighting tooth & nail for business and if you shop around serious deals are there to be done.

Worth looking into, mate. Plus it might just be the right time to trade in your own car against a New one.


Cheers. I’ll give it a lash. I’ll keep the forum posted on developments.


Boys have anyone had to get a DPF filter removed and cleaned out. Mechanic quoted me €250. Is this reasonable


Jaysus you’re having awful hardship in that country. What sort of shit machines have they passing the NCT over there?


Same problem really just haven’t done anything about it until now.


However I have learnt a valuable lesson. Diesels are just for farmers and not for city slickers like me


Lads, I’m in a bit of a pickle. There’s a fella coming to collect a car off me tomorrow evening. It’s no longer insured and has been sitting in the driveway for a while and was therefore dead as dead can be. I’ve jumped it but it’s gone dead gain a couple of times and obviously needs a decent run. I can’t do that as I’ve already drink taken and wouldn’t be insured. The big question is this, will sitting in it revving the fuck out of it for a half an hour help in any way or is that useless? @carryharry @the_mixer_walsh


Put a brick on the accelerator and run it all night bro


It will


We sold the first van on carzone. Myself and the other fella drove it up to the topaz on the end of the M50 and met a gang of Travellers who bartered the shit out of it. (in fairness, they may have been worried about the cash they were about to hand over but it added to the air of malice). Some notes. It’s dodgy as fuck. Bring a big fucker like @farmerinthecity with you. Do not meet them in your gaff under any circumstances. I took a phone call from a traveler about 3 hours later screaming down the phone that the van had conked out.


This sounds like good craic. Although Mrs J brought me out a can of Guinness there a while ago so I’m sound here for a while.


It worked for ferris bueller


If one of the neighbours rings the shades you will be bagged in your driceway


He wasn’t trying to Rev the battery though. But sound advice anyway. Sloane Peterson was lovely.


Why would they do that? Cork must be a horrible place.


They will think there is a getaway vehicle idling outside your house


With a Juhniallio inside it drinking Guinness? They’ll put it down to me being an eccentric artist type.


Don’t do it until half an hour before he comes to collect it, no point in doing it now