Unless it’s a Zafira in which case he’ll just be bringing home a shell


If he hides it under the shadow of the gable end with no planning then they won’t see it


I presume you have jump leads as you’ve had to jump start it a few times already.

Be straight up, jump it for them. Give the buyer €100 back for good luck ( a new battery ) and everyone is happy.


Word of warning, step out of the vehicle to smoke the bifter.


@Fagan_ODowd there’s a speed van outside clontarf bus depot.


Sure he’s not coming till tomorrow you can surely sober up in the meantime and drive it around the block a few times


Is it worth going up north for a car now is there much savings by the time vrt is introduced. Buy from dealers only?


Dont buy up north if you are buying a diesel. Head to the mainland and stay away from the coast.


Looking to upgrade the car in the next few months.

Would be aiming for 2008 and newer.

Lot of countryside driving. Engine would be have to be under 1.4 due to insurance reasons. Looking for a hatchback.

Would appreciate any suggestions. I’d be willing to spend 7 or 8k




Jaysus no.

Toyota Corolla.


I’ve a Yaris at the moment and to be fair it’s served me well


The fuck does a young lad want to be driving around in a trusty old Toyota for? The birds would be sniggering behind his back


Forget what I just said, the only way is up.


I was looking the the Hyundai i30s.

I’m not looking for a twincam or some sort of jap import btw :joy:


Yeah and I’m paying 2k insurance on the thing :neutral_face::neutral_face:


A Corolla :smile:


Micra it is so


Get a honda civic


Import a leaf brah