Motor snob alert


Or an Auris.

Not a fucking petrol Golf though.


2011 Kia Pro Ceed for €7.5K

Something different and nice to drive. Plus you’ll have a small bit of manufacturers warranty with it still


Hold on to it another while pal, build up your no claims bonus and pick up a nice motor over in England after christmas.

The exchange rate seems to be going only one way.

I’m going to do the same myself…far better spec, not to mention value over there.


You do know the higher the spec the higher the vrt right ?


You’re still winning once you don’t go too OTT, by cutting out your local car dealership here and their cut.


There’s an awful lot of shit over there too, a lot of it specifically for the Paddy’s coming over to make a killing


The new style Fiestas look nice. Plenty of them in the UK I’d say


Do your research before hand and you’ll be fine mate.

Friend of mine got a lovely Avensis last month in Leeds in a dealership…not necessarily my cup of tea…but he saved 3/4k at least including the flight over and ferry back.


Ah you’d want something a bit more exciting than them mate if you’re spending 7/8k,

Insurance is a killer though…at least you’re not living in Limerick city…it goes up another 20% in a lot of cases…due to claims


Ok I’ll keep that in mind


I’ve decided against changing my car for the moment guys. I briefly considered selling my car to a trade buyer and we weren’t a million miles apart on price but within 30 seconds of speaking to the guy I decided I wasn’t arsed listening to his shite about how the market is challenging. I felt he was insulting my intelligence and my long family history in the motor trade so I declined to negotiate.


Need to make a decision on our drop off pick up car. Our 2004 Skoda Fabia runaround-Towner will fail the NCT this weekend as the ABS pump needs to be replaced.

130k on the clock and would take €1k for it if someone wanted to take it away. Our garage man is telling me it might cost a packet to fix with new part, but I’m finding second hand replacement for £70 plus postage. He’s straight and has fixed up and pre-NCT ed our cars for years, thinks we might scrape through our NCT on Sunday. Told me to come back after NCT to see if it’s worthwhile spending money and time on it following the report.

Is it worth fixing it up or do I get rid?


No. Get rid of it. Stick it up on done deal for parts at 100-150 quid. Buyers market mate. I am being serious, cut your losses and get rid of it. Be thankful you got your money’s worth out of it.


Very long winded post.

What is the actual question again?




There wasn’t one.


Gents, anybody here buy a new car through PCP lately. Would you recommend it. Thinking of buying a new car soon or maybe in the new year and this maybe a good option. Obvious small print to look out appears to be the mileage penalty.


Id say I have posted on it in the past in this thread. I think its a pyramid scheme created by the motor industry. Main issues

The guaranteed minimum payments. Who is guaranteeing? In many cases its the dealer and not the motor company. I wouldnt rely on it if its dealer

I think the first tranche of cars will be coming off PCP soon which will add huge volune of 2nd hand cars to market. Allied to cheap stg and ease of inporting cars from UK then even if you can get the minimum guaranteed value you mightnt have any equity in the car to roll into thr next one (which is one of the key marketing points)