Is decent mileage a priority


In terms of a car I can get decent mileage out of? I’m not doing huge mileage these days. I had a month earlier this year were I did 7000km, but most months would be anywhere from 2-2500km I’d say


I was going to suggest going down the years and look for a land cruiser. You’d have to go down a right few but if it’s well looked after you’d have it for as long as you want it.
An older a4 or a6 would be a nice option. Mechanics know their way around them, they’re easy on juice and they feel fresh with big miles…unlike a BMW.


I’d say I’d be going back a bit for an A4 in my price class
Not sure would I quite need the land cruiser…wouldn’t have even thought of it.


Just looked and a few decent A4s that might be in my budget up North. Hadn’t considered they’d be in my range at all. good call pal


The 6 is solid…I think their diesel is used by Peugeot and ford so should be easy to keep. Looks nice also


Buy the Mazda. :+1:


This ad here that’s on at every break in the World Cup for the Hyundai that has the very technologically advanced Safety Exit Assist.

What was wrong with good old fashioned child locks?


How’s the motor going, mate? Pleased with it?


I hear big delays in European car manufacturers with the new emissions testing starting in September

Likely to cause issues with new cars or is it a storm In a teacup @carryharry?


Emissions regulations :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Delighted pal.


Big boot?


Small boot. The battery uses up a lot of space. On the other hand it means the car is silent. You know the rest …


Is there an ‘engine’ of sorts under the bonnet in the front?


There is


Unlike flann o’brien’s


Does Bobby get a spin in it?


He does. I have a carrier for him for long runs. But for short spins he sits in the front seat


Your co-pilot