I’d say Fagan puts a scarf and driving goggles on him too


This is what he wears.


I went with an XC60 in the end, pal. The technology in it is fantastic. Thrilled with it. Hope is gets the CH seal of approval.


Great choice, mate.

You can’t put a price on peace of mind when it comes to looking after your family. Well ware, pal.


Smashing car.


Have been driving the Volvo S60 for the last few months, I’d be happy to drive a Volvo for years to come, great make



Talk to me about second hand Volvos.

I want to be in sync with the elites of TFK


The elites of TFK drive tractors.


True mate.
What you driving yourself?


A Zetor.


Posh farmer


John Deere


So why not call yourself John deere?


Depending on what I can get for my own car, I’ve a budget of about 13k for a car

I looked at something over the past week or two that I really liked but wouldn’t post it here as it’s a bit of a woman’s car…one of these small SUV yokes.

I need something I can fit the dog in the boot (i.e. it has to be a five door like Octavia) so that rules out the Passat and Mazda 6.

I’ve had a bit of a nightmare with my 1.6 Octavia as previously reported here. Generally a reliable machine.
Despite that, I’ve been looking at one or two of the newer version (2.0 this time). My budget is covering 2014 Octavias and Mondeos. Anyone driving these?

I’ve got car buyers fatigue now and could end up buying fucking anything


Get an estate if you need a big boot.

Its a dose trying to pick one. Are you buying off a garage?


Probably going to buy off a garage as I’ve been trying to sell my own and no bites

I’m not a fan of estates at all




Aren’t you in the Dundalk/Drogheda area?. You’re familiar where Newry/Norn Iron is. There’s heaps of garages there selling all makes and models at great prices.
You can work out the vrt & currency from their respective websites.
Get a UK model - better spec and free from washed diesel. Simples.


That’s what I’ve been trying to do mate, but having issues with flogging me own.


I’d say you’ll have to take the hit on it and get rid. The differential in the buying cost will ease the shortfall and you’ll have yourself the motor you want.

The economic pain is of a fleeting nature.