Did you ever consider running for Uachtaran na hEireann yourself?


I used webuyanycar or something like that before. some fellow in Meath. And guess what he did. And he made a tidy 5k profit on it just by polishing it up a bit. Fair play to him. He was very easy to deal with.


Of course he was aisy to deal with. Paddy the Snowflake was too fucken lazy to do the grunt work himself but Meath grafter put in the hard yards. It’s not rocket science.


A friend of mine had an Alfa Romeo a number of years ago. A real shaper car that broke his fucking heart…

We were out for pints one weekend, and he said he’d gone into a shopping centre to get a few things and he sold it there on the spot for one of them cash for cars guys. I can’t imagine he got much at all for a car he spent over 10k on less than two years prior


Back inow the day buying an alfa was risky. Twas nearly like an arranged marriage. You’d want to agree a fucking dowry before buying one


Be sure of it. I had a previous experience of trying to sell a car privately. Fuck sake my heart was broken. Eventually gave it away to a chap I knew who needed a car. He then proceeded to break my heart complaining about the free car he got.


My pal had one too. He reckons a heroin habit would be cheaper and better for you than owning an alfa


What’s this now,


A fiat with a flashy badge.


Fiat = Fix it again Tony.


Or Fix it again tomorrow


You have my vote.

I could get a few limerick Co councillors of the FG and ff colours for the nomination


FAO of @carryharry:

A friend of mine has been surviving on 3 or 4 hours’ sleep per night for the last 2 or 3 weeks and has been absolutely knackered.

Anyway he was coming back from a business meeting in Carton House last night at around 8.45pm via the N3 / Dunboyne as recommended by his sat nav (cc @mickee321) and was making a few mental errors (wrong lanes etc).

It was all okay until he got to Phibsborough when his tiredness allied with his poor vision and awareness resulted in him taking a turn too tight and kind of scraping the alloy wheel part thingy on his left front tyre off the curb/kerb/raised pathway.

He sent me these pictures - see the scraping at the bottom.

Is this something to just suck up and ignore albeit it’s irksome?

Or should it be fixed / replaced?

How much would it cost?




Thing of nothing

New alloy cost depend on model but garage prob polish it up for you at service time


That’s an Astra I’d say.


Don’t mind this joker @Bandage. Vauxhall alloys get problematic. You’re as well buy 4 new wheels


When it comes to sell it bring it to Bray to be fixed.

Most likely will kerb again.


Go to Tyre shop, check your vehicles alignment & take all advice given by the Professionals thereafter.

These minor inconveniences are small in the real scheme of things, Daddio.


Ah bollox. Actually go somewhere and have to deal with humans and wait and stuff. I was hoping your advice would be same as @gilgamboa ‘s. He’ll be disappointed when I tell him.