Make sure and tell your pal to tell the garage lads it was the missus did it. Throw his eyes to heaven knowingly as well…women drivers eh!


Tell him to burn that piece of Crap and Get himself something decent.


Sports journalism doesn’t pay well until one is established.
Tell your mate @Bandage that Brian Gavin is a fat cunt whilst you’re speaking to him.


It’s cheaper to buy alloys with tyres fitted than it is to buy tyres. Less than half the price


Why would a high-flying project financier be driving a piece of shit Astra? This makes no sense


I never mentioned my pal’s occupation.


Is it the same friend that was thinking of going into journalism?


Fyi pal, only picked up a brand spanking new CX-5 two weeks ago. It’s got sensors on top of sensors to keep herself between the ditches.


That’s the way it’s gone nowadays
Would you have many ditches in Australia?


Great choice, mate. :ok_hand:


5k to spend CH…

Lets have you


There’s a lad here selling a lovely 2010 Octavia that’s never given an ounce* of trouble for less than that pal.



Him or Her?
Town or City Driving?
Petrol or Diesel?
Small Hatchback or Saloon?




€5k for a Diesel is risky, pal.

Some of these might suit you, plus I’d be confident those makes/models can handle high mileage.


due to pdf issues?

Petrol would be better around town anyway i suppose…


Yeah. But not necessarily if you can garner a previous history.

Petrol is good if herself is only driving about town mainly with occasional trips to the SE or wherever.
You might be able to find a low mileage Petrol car with a pretty easy previous life to suit easier than a Diesel equivalent.

Maybe a Hybrid version,


Interesting. Would you have no bother buying an older or 2nd hand hybrid?


Do not drive a fucking diesel in the city. It bilges out poison, not least to the occupants. Fucks sake.


air your grievances in here pal