Alzheimers, leukemia in kids and other childhood cancers, respiratory problems etc etc, diesel particulates are linked to them all. Diesel cars are filthy, and false economy as a town car in any case. I think they should be banned.



I asked a question on behalf of someone else.

You are of course entitled to your opinion.

i dont have to listen to it.


Poor punctuation and spelling are signs of a guilty mind.


point out the poor spelling and punctuation there sport.


Do you have one?


Honda & Toyota building them a long time so no hassle there imo.


If he waits long enough it’ll probably do that itself anyway






What do you make of the 1.0L focus @carryharry .The missus needs a run around,she does fuck all mileage only to school and shops.


1.0lt Focus?

Have no knowledge of them tbh, mate.



A red hair dryer


@carryharry my young lad was swinging off the rear view mirror there and the little bollox is after cracking the windscreen :worried::worried::worried:

I have cover in my policy…i assume the lads in the glass co wont give a fuxk what happned it


How the Jaysus did he crack the windscreen hanging off a wing mirror. Is he okay?

The Glass boyos don’t ask questions, they fit glass.


Rear view mirror pal i.e. interior mirror

Hes grand. If it was 20 years ago hed have got the wooden spoon. This is following on his putting about 10 euro in change into the cd player of the same car and fucking up the radio and god knows what else in the electrics of the car :triumph::triumph::triumph:


Ah right.

No biggie tbf plus I imagine he could a fair fucking suck in from the Mirror coming off the windscreen.
PM me the car info if you want me to source a new CD player or point you in the direction of a good crowd to fix it.


Christ on a bike but imagine dropping your car into Harry to get new headlight bulbs… 2 days later it’d be all done and dusted … with a new clutch and the cv joints replaced. If he can’t tell the difference between simple internal fixtures he’s not much of a garage man.