Bad turnout at Training, pal? Have you picked up all those imaginary cones yet?


In fairness @carryharry is a helpful tipp man. A rare rare breed :+1:


Have you crawled completely up bandages hole yet ? You’re nearly there.


A Tipp man with a Cork avatar, and you trying to slag other people. You fuckin ginnet


I’ll be changing it tomorrow evening. To either yella & blue or Maroon & white.
So no need for you to stick your nose into my business.




You’re better that this Mac.
Really you are, I know you’re in a bit of a slump for the last few months but it’ll pick up again.


Sounds just like Tipp hurling


Buddy. Go out a get drunk, log back in here and post the first bit of rubbish that pops into your drink addled mind, it’ll be better that the old cliched well worn lines you’re recycling this morning and we might finally get the old funny interesting Mac back again.


Are you depressed again, mate?


I’m not, cuntface.
In great form actually, doing a bit of prep work for an interview next week and also printing my boarding passes for hols the week after. Sure things are great.

I’m also doing a few letters up for head office to sign off on a deal I eventually got sorted on thurs, it was supposed to be completed in May at the latest but I held out for a better deal and finally put it to bed last week with the absolute optimum deal for staff so that’s another little thing to be smug about.


Im still drunk from last night mate


Good for you. Now go top up the alcohol levels and come back with a funny post.


Yes or No as opposed to the Essay reply would have sufficed, pal.




I just had a shite that smelled of everything I drank last night. Should I be worried mate?


I don’t know nor care buddy. Its a bit apt though talking about shit given your posting lately.


@carryharry anything I need to keep an eye out for in buying a car in from a garage up north?


A body in the boot.


Shit Diesel.
Utter cunts inhabit the place.
Rusty chassis.

After that, spend a few quid on a history check. If you’re anyway edgy I recommend an Independent assessment for further peace of mind.