You’ll never get the whiff of cordite off the upholstery… But you get to like it in time.


Sound Har


@carryharry how likely is it that one of the bigger tyre places will have a Michelin Latitude 3 235 / 55 / R19 in stock? Do places like Advance or Fast Fit carry a decent amount of stock? Picked up a puncture tonight and car is needed tomorrow.

Pain in the arse.


these lads do mobile tyre fitting - worth a call.


Fotf Keith Duffy owns them.


I found them online alright and are my number 1 option so far. What kind of sheets are we talking for a call out? I really can’t be arsed putting that narrow spare on and driving it somewhere.


This place is 40 so cannot be much different


Common Tyre size, you’ll have no issues. Advance or someone like that might only stock cheaper brands though. I’d advise a good brand for a Tyre like that tbh. Cheaper Tyres won’t last & vibrations will be brutal on rougher surfaces.


Thanks, pal. I’ll go Michelin again. Not putting my family at risk to save a few quid.

Lads on fucking boards going on aboutnplaces to get second hand tyres. Would you be fucking well.


You’re some buachaill. Looking for advice here while slyly sourcing advice from the snowflakes too


It was urgent, pal. There’s a journey to be done tomorrow.


Thinly veiled @briantinnion hasn’t a bulls notion how to change a wheel. That’s a job for some blue collar Joe


Very true. Call out was €70 in the end plus €235 for the new tyre. I was able to arrange and leave the wife to deal with it.

My time is worth far more than €70 so I’m very pleased with how it all planned out.

Keith Duffy couldn’t see me until tomorrow so went with Tyre Master ( in Walkinstown.


@Crutches I’d also check if it was an import from mainland UK. This would probably be more of a positive than a negative, as Nordie roads aren’t the best, and people drive cars like lunatics up there.

On the other hand, you get a better standard of car owner in England. They’ve better roads, regularly service their cars, and don’t treat every drive as if they’re off rallying.

You’ll find that a lot of the dealers in the North are bringing them over by the truckload.

As @carryharry said, get a motorcheck/cartell report as a bare minimum. I looked at a car and the Cartell was able to tell me it had been crashed before, which the square headed Polak up in Armagh didn’t tell me. If the price is too low, there’s usually a reason.


Good to hear all got sorted pal.

I was beyond one of those Keith Duffy vans recently, and it had a picture of Keith in a suit with a bench coat on over it for the tyre company. Didn’t realised he owned it; just presumed he was a ‘brand ambassador’ or something like that.


This. My most recent purchase was sourced through a dealer in the North who had taken the car from the mainland. Fully checked out and a Garda mate was even able to check it with one of his English police mates too.


Nearly every used Car in Ireland with a 2012 reg upwards is an Import.


It’s no wonder that half the country is running wild with criminals when you have the guards wasting time checking cars out for their mates.


Lucky for us he works in the other half of the country then


How would you know if it’s an import into NI from the UK? Would it show up on Cartell report?


The number plate/reg…NI numbers start with 3 letters. The dealership sticker maybe