What @glenshane says @crutches

Simply asking would be useful too. Most dealers would let you know.


You’d save a grand or two if you went to one of the ex fleet auctions in England.


235 quid for a tyre?


Take that to the degenerate betting thread. No point in saving money to gamble at an auction. Ideally you could spend a week scouring garages for what he wants. He’d surely fire you a grand for your help.




For what I presume is mainly city/motorway driving. Seems dear alright


It’s safe to say that when it comes to riding an innocent punter Tinnions pals at TyreMaster are no flat tyres.
Obfuckingscene for a what I’d imagine was a fairly standard tyre.


I’d say the majority of used cars here are coming from ex.fleet auctions. Apart from the main manufacturer/dealers


They’re all up around the 100k Mark mileage wise tho,that’s the only problem


The ex fleet cars are. The ex lease cars tend to be around 12 per year.
Motability auctions are another option. They usually have very low mileage, they’re 3 years old and go straight to auction with a full service history etc


Research tells me the tyre could be had for around €180 if purchased online from any number of places.

It cost an extra €125 in mark-up and fitting fees to have someone come to my house & fit it allowing me to get on with keeping the recovery going rather than fitting the limp home tyre, driving somewhere to have the tyre fitted and wasting a morning waiting.

Work smarter not harder, guys.


How much did he charge you for the air?


Could you not have just fixed the puncture?


Put my family at risk to save a few quid? No thanks.


Anyone want to buy a Volvo s80, guys?


“One careful owner, even washed the diesel that went through it”


Is there an issue with mending punctures?


Could be something as simple as a dodgy valve that needs replacing


There can be. Depends on how much damage there is to the tyre. I don’t believe in taking risks with these things.


No problem with all of that but youd have boight a perfectly good tyre for far less than 180