But getting to show the internet what a billy big balls he is was easily worth the extra hundred odd quid


That was my big takeaway


Hes a smashing lad is BT but I doubt he shops in lidl either. Wouldnt trust it


He can’t change a wheel on a car and boasts about it here. You couldn’t make it up.


Where @briantinnion is going we don’t need roads


A fool and his money etc


Here’s what happens when Tinnion goes to the garage


€165 for a good brand of Tyre in that size sounds about right. Call out charge is the rate.


He paid 70 quid call out on top of the 235


You destroyed the economy, now you’re having a pop at a successful guy paying a bit of a premium on a tyre, you are vile.


You pay for good tyres. You can get 80k miles out of the factory tyres. You’d rarely get that out of the next set you get but they’re likely an inferior tyre.


@carryharry I’ve 8-10k to spend what should I be looking at?


I just know deep down you spend more money on Top Quality Tyres for your Volvo. You know it makes sense.

Lads buying remoulds & such are disgusting vile cunts who should have their Driving Licences revoked.


@briantinnion prioritises being close to his family when his wife isnt well with a newborn child rather than leaving her alone to go get a new tyre. And then gets it in the neck from some of the supposed best fathers in the world. You couldn’t make it up.


I need more info,

Hatchback or Saloon
Petrol or Diesel
Manual or Automatic
mileage per year etc
Number of passengers on a daily basis
Number of kids
Etc etc






Saloon or estate preferably
15k max, mainly at the weekend to spin down the country
2 passangers
No kids


Your general location, pal?