Not Fucking Diesel then

Jesus Wept.


Is the Range Rover not a diesel?




Right @carryharry,
Six years ago I had the.chanve to buy a 1984 911 with 2 owners, 140k and porsche service history- from day 1
For 7k. I didn’t have it.
Is there any consolation?


No, none.
Not one bit.
Other than that the classic car bubble will deflate at some point.


Cc @carryharry

I’m looking to change the car within the next few weeks. Have a 02 at the moment so looking to go up a few years!

I’d be willing to spend 8k but would stretch to 9k if it was worth it. Looking for a hatchback. Have been looking at the new shape fiesta, the new shape focus and the i30. I wouldn’t want to go any bigger than the focus though.

Not sure about whether to go down the petrol or diesel route.

All advice appreciated :stuck_out_tongue:


9k? give another month of your winners and make it 19k


I don’t want to draw any unwanted attention from the neighbours :joy::joy:


You can never go wrong with a golf.


I don’t want a golf.


Suit yourself.


Volvo V40 lovely looking car


+1. I bought a 05 Golf (1.9) weekend of 09 All Ireland Final. Had her up to summer of 2016. Didn’t give an ounce of bother. Almost 300,000km on her when I finally traded


A sizeable number of drivers of ICE cars don’t seem to realize that the petrol pump will reach to other side of car and no need to queue to get a pump on the side of the fuel cap.




What would a decent pipe mobile set you back these days?


Pipe or pope?


@carryharry, Hyundai i40, 67,000 miles,
Any pitfalls? Seems to be in good nick, just wondering if there’s timing belts etc or anything to look out for. It’s 141 btw.


Go for it mate. 5 year old Japanese cars are known to be ultra reliable.


Is that sarcasm ? I’m not sure ?