@mac is such a snide fucker nothing he says can be taken at face value


Maybe he’s suggesting you consider a Japanese car instead


Maybe he’s suggesting a 5 year old car instead.


and no sign of Harry either, the useless cunt.


Does it have the 7 year warranty?


Is it racist to get Koreans and japaneses mixed up…cars I mean


Yep. Buying privately for the right money.


When I read comments that like it makes me happy that I laughed out loud when I read about your fixie being stolen





Too far.


Go for it so.


Hyundai have the 5 year warranty.

KIA have the 7 year one.

Cc @Fagan_ODowd


Not for me, mate. Should suit you.



Warranty probably out with mileage on it ( prob clocked )


Do they not have serious clutch issues ?


I read something about flywheels and the i40 before. That’s why I asked @carryharry the big bastard. He just replied in his usual narcissistic manner and said HE wouldn’t like it. Nothing about Mrs Bradley junior wanting an i40.


Would you not just cut her brake cables instead? You’ll get nowhere footering about with flywheels


I heard the same, an awful rake of money to sort apparently


@carryharry I’ve a case of 12 bottles of goose honkers ale that I picked up chape. They’ve been rattling about in the back of the jeep for the last couple of weeks. Would they have taken any hurt?


Try eating them.