Thank you for your expertise



@carryharry Led bulbs in a 9 year old car yay or nay? Finding the halogens getting worse with every passing year, especially when dipped


Type of car? Most likely complete lamp needs replacement.


Ford Focus hatch. The waterproofing in general is terrible have had to replace lamps every winter


Lamps or bulbs?


I had a problem with a backlight in a golf years ago. Mechanic drilled a small hole that let the water drain out and less blown bulbs as a result .


Bulbs sorry


Buy 2 New lamps through an Auto factors. Job sorted


Cc @flattythehurdler


Thanks bud.


More Brokeit than Brexit


My next door neighbour and my good pal opposite both drive 18 reg rangerovers, and both have been back in for extended periods of repair within 2 months, one £100k sterling example repeatedly as it wouldn’t drive straight.
My next door neighbour was given the most beautiful convertible 5 litre mustang convertible as a replacement which I drove but decided was nicer on the outside looking in than the inside looking out.


Fair play. I always thought you worked in McDonald’s and commuted on a bicycle…


You’re not far off.
I do not own or lease a range rover for the record


I commute on a bicycle on Monday, and a motorbike otherwise.
Here’s my mechanic :slight_smile:


I might have misread your post. I thought the neighbour and the good friend was one and the same person and that you were the owner of the other Range Rover…


No. They are appalling yokes, though I’ve been told they are the best thing on the road to drive a distance.


Diesel down to 117 a litre at the new applegreen on the way out of Dublin on the N7 lads. 119 at the circle k 2 miles after. 134 at the Barack Obama plaza!


I nearly just puked my corn flakes looking at that camera angle.