Celebrities you've never heard of (well, until now)


These bullshit “statements” are the Generation Me attempt at action without actually having to do anything taxing.


Deirdre O Kane made no such mistake, despite no one noticing or caring


It’s black enough…


It’s green. The thing beside her is wearing black.


She’s the spit of sporty spice on a night out there.


Wills and herself won’t age well.


I think she’s aged hugely in the last five years in particular. She’s only 36, should still be in her prime.

To be fair to William, he hasn’t aged a huge amount in the last 10 years.


Diana did not age externally. That is tough competition for her to measure up against


No, she decomposed.


Olaf tyransen

Hot Press' 250 top Irish Albums

I’d say that’s the end for Hot Press.


Has there been some sex pestery alleged here?


A hot press?


Search the above mentioned chap’s name on twitter and you should get to see a blog some lass wrote about him.


I’m not on Twitter. Any chance you could throw it up.


PM sent. Possibly not wise to put it up here.


Just read it there (the article, not the PM).

He seems like an odious individual but the only alleged witness is now sadly deceased. An accusation these days is enough to lynch people on social media.

You’d imagine if he decides to take a legal action he has a 100% rock solid case here.


Does anyone buy Hot Press these days?


It came as a surprise to me that it still exists to be honest


Some lad named Conner Habib adding fuel on Twitter to the allegations against olaf