Celebrities you've never heard of (well, until now)


Nailed it


this is the way it is going now, I can envisage the human race becoming extinct as you won’t even be able to ask a woman would she like a cup of coffee in a few years. You will probably have to fill a form out to even look at a woman, this is getting very serious



Maybe he can sing them a song when he meets them to apologise.




More of an Icon than a celebrity imho


A prick


Also true


I need to start reading more threads on here


Jeremy McConnell who the fuck is this wanker


The Whitmore


Morgan Freeman




He was in the Shawshank redemption, beloved of all GAA players, no surprise that you’ve never seen it


Morgan Freeman??? Ah no. Perving Miss Daisy…


Harvey Weinstein - the little known Hollywood mogul who was the catalyst for this thread - is due to surrender to New York police tomorrow over sexual misconduct charges.


Sounds like Pulp Fiction to me


I wish I could tell you that Jessica tandy fought the good fight, and red let her be. … Sometimes she was able to fight him off… sometimes not


Bull actors take by force, its all they know, its all they understand


He was in prison for a long time. You have to make allowances