Celebrities you've never heard of (well, until now)



Philip Greene, Sir.


Not the soccer commentator?


I dont believe so


Fair play to Peter Hain for outing him.


Martin Solveig.



Kevin Hart


you’ll wish you hadn’t


Nick Cannon has come out fighting for Kevin Hart, he has a point


Amy Schumer. I know nothing about the girl, but what she’s wearing here is a holy show, as me mother would have said.


you could nearly count the hairs on her fanny


You cant be saying things like that.


I’ve heard worse on here. Every fault is a fashion these days, they say.


She’s a hideous fat cunt who is deeply unfunny but uses her anger over being hideous and fat to generate ‘material’ a lot of the snowflakes enjoy.

She’s done very well in fairness.


She’s pregnant now too. Some material for her all the same


Ah really, I don’t know what calibre of man would impregnate her. I understand having a couple of whiskeys, whatever the tfk whiskey thread recommends, going back to her place when not in full control of your faculties, then maybe come on her face and never speak to her again.

But to actually get her pregnant and then having her boss you around for the rest of your existance, which of course she’ll do to this poor soul. Jeepers.

Maybe an @Bandage type?


She married and everything. Unlike @Bandage




Ahh Jesus, that’s bad form