City Breaks


Tower is impressive but not really my bag and better for a school tour I’d say. London eye is a rip off


The National Gallery. You get a much better class of painting on the mainland.


Go drinking


3 unreal raves on tomorrow night if you are into that sort of thing


Might just have to hit O’Neill’s by Leicester Square or some Weatherspoon’s by the looks of it.


Shouldering contest in Waxies at 10pm.

The next couple of Fridays will be off the chain over there.


There’ll be a Christmas market and ice skating over on the bank by the London eye this time of year, your life partner will love that.


and Hillsborough style crowds if you like that sort of thing


Get 2 bikes and have a cycle around Hyde Park mate. Lovely way to pass a few hours and watch the tans go about their weekends.

Catch Matilda the musical at the west end if it’s on.


The Book of Mormon is the one to see


God’s favorite musical.


Is The Church still running?


Book of Mormon is ridiculously good


Any Belfast hotel recommendations, guys?

I’m usually put up in a safe house when I travel north but not this time.

Looking to be city centre based rather than leafy Stormont suburbs.

Leaving in 15 minutes so prompt replies would be appreciated.


Europa is the only job



Madison is in city centre basic but decent value




Stayed there last time I was there. 10 min walk to town. It’s grand.


Parking available?


Yes. Also, I was upgraded to a “business suite” or some such.