City Breaks


In and around new street has some nice bars. Then you have the Jewellery Quarter and around Colmore Row. I wouldn’t say there’s a massive gang culture. There’s two main gangs who are based up around Villa Park. They tend to just shoot each other to be fair.


Should have taken a bus/train down to Heidelberg from Frankfurt. It’s a cracking spot with a lovely feel/look to it. Also a student town so some great beer halls etc for a bit of craic.


there’d be a lot of rag heads in Brum? I’d imagine these security measures described are to stop a London Bridge style attack


Yes, there’s a big Indian and Pakistani population in Birmingham. It’s a big recruitment and fundraising centre for ISIS etc. Quite a lot of Catholic Indians from Kerala.


I got the feeling that the non-white population overwhelms the white population in the urban areas of the city centre.


You are probably right but what’s that got to do with anything?


Just an observation.


I found the city surprisingly pleasant when I was staying there a couple of years ago.


Signing in from Birmingham.

A fine city.


Brummies have a great accent


A fucking hellhole


Signing in from Manchester.

A fine city. A lovely weekend buzz here today.


Where did you venture to in Birmingham last night?


Went to that Indian place but it was closing - most restaurants were at 10. Found an Italian spot and then went to some bars near New Street. Very quiet generally.


Birmingham and Manchester. Worst business trip ever.

Have you been demoted?


A city that has been massively transformed in the last 5 years. Far greater mix of people as well there now, not just dour northerners. Still rains far too much though.


Manchester is ridiculously vibrant at the moment. Most underrated city in the UK.


The yellow slacks, blazer and slip ons will never be seen again.


who is underrated by?


Have a think about that one for a second