Clare Gaa Thread mark II

This Tipp v Clare minor match is in Shannon i believe with no stand and a capacity of 1,000

That’s a bit bizzare

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Don’t think the lights in Shannon are up to IC standard

There was talks of Tulla possibly getting a minor or 20s match but they thought better of it. They have done a great job on the pitch and stand but it would be treacherous trying to park for any kind of a crowd. Blather abandonment!

Neville’s father was on the panel back then too

Clare 1-5 Tipp 0-3 after 15 minutes. Clare with a strong breeze and close to 10 wides.

Michael Collins with a fantastic individual goal

1-11 to 6 at half time. Clare must have close to 15 wides after playing with the gate. Clare look to have plenty of legs all over the field but with this wind Tipp could easily reel them in.

Pitch is holding up ok, game has fairly flowed.

1-14 to 7 - 40 gone

Clare well on top despite the conditions worsening and playing into the game. Tipp have yet to get going, Clare much slicker all over the field

i read it like that for a sec :sweat_smile:

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Tipp haven’t hit one ball into the full forward line with the breeze but decide to sub the corner forward

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Who’s their manager? :joy:

Still Woodlock

Goal for Clare

2-14 to 9 points with 10 left

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All over in fortress Shannon

Clare 2-15 Tipp 0-14

Clare’s two wing backs dominated. Completely outworked Tipp in the middle third tonight.

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No Hells Kitchen candidates there

Is Kirwan over 20

Daithi Lohan and Conor Whelan serious players (just from seeing them play a lot for their college this year) - Pit for Conor Whelan that he didn’t stay in College by the time Championship came around for them as he’d have been a focal point (although injuries may have prevented him from playing anyway). Adam Hogan is spoken for, although I’d slightly worry about burn-out for him

That Clare minor team are serious. Cork supposed to be fairly strong too but will be up against it in Munster with that Clare team

It is a nice team - a good half a dozen still there from last year - the likes of Fred Hegarty and the wing back from Cratloe who’s name escapes me have developed a lot physically. James Hegarty who was excellent at centre back last year didn’t play v Tipp but is expected to be back for soon enough.