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A class act


Clare Snr H v Tipp
E Quilligan

A Hogan
C Cleary
C Leen

D Ryan
J Conlon
C Galvin

D Fitzgerald
D Lohan

C Malone
M Rodgers
P Duggan

K Smyth
I Galvin
D Reidy

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7 of last years minor team starting

I don’t know what to make of the team named- would be surprised if they were to start in those positions. It has plenty of athletic lads with hurling but wouldn’t have anywhere near the power of last years side who were very strong in the middle third.

Leydon at full back is a natural six and would be a very surprised if he was able to limit O’Brien one v one. The two corner backs are solid hurlers. I know very little about Woods at wing back. Gunning as always will bring serious pizzazz and it is good to see him play out the field - he will get the crowd going any time he gets on the ball.

Rynne can play anywhere from 5 to 12 but I think he is more suited to half back or midfield but he will bring workrate and ball winning to the hand forwards with Kilroy. Both O’Farrell and Whelan are “nice hurlers” but I doubt either will standout at this level - assume one of them will be on frees.

Collins and O’Neill inside is interesting - I would be surprised if O’Neill spends much time in their as his whole game is based on hard running and carrying ball - he is very similar to his club mate Ryan Taylor in that manner. Collins is probably best suited to corner forward at senior given his movement and skill level so will be interesting to see how he goes.

None of last years minors made the bench strangely enough and it looks watery enough aside from Organ who is a unit.

Collins looks the real deal in fairness; a classy, classy forward. Obviously another step up again at 20s level compared to minor or schools but he has it.

I like Rynne a lot too; from what I’ve seen of him, would agree that he would seem best suited to midfield. He was very good against us last year at this grade.

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Rynne aside I’d see the 4 other lads who are of the age as the weaker links of the side. Like last years minors may well struggle against lads two years their senior who are a bit further ahead in development but they have the hurling and athleticism they just need time. I’d see Leydon, O’Connor, Whelan and O’Farrell as solid lads who are probably flaky or just lacking something for this level but maybe they have improved over the winter.

It’s not like Limerick will have loads of monsters; I would say we were physically the smallest & lightest of all the teams at 20s last year, were bullied a bit at times.

Bar SOB, who is a big unit and can use his physicality, I can’t think of anyone who would be at that level of conditioning (Vince Harrington has gone massive but he’s only on the bench). A lot of them would be light but with plenty of scope to develop; that’ll take a few years of work yet though.

Should be lively and able to run around the middle third though.

Same 26 but surely a few positional changes