Clare Gaa Thread mark II


Bright start in the park. Three up into the breeze after ten minutes.


Clare 3 Kerry 2 15 min gone


Goal for clare peno


Clare 1 4. Kerry 3


Red card for tactical fouler supreme Donnacha Walsh. 1-4 to 0-7, 33 gone


Halftime Clare 1 5 Kerry 0.8


That’s the halftime Joe


Kerry down to 14 men


I know is the breeze strong


Good stiff breeze straight down the field. We have to keep working the ball up though, no good fonging it long out over the line


Jamie Malone rattles the crossbar and out for a wide. 1-8 to 0-11. Ten gone.


Kerry 15 clare 1 9


Kerry have figured out the extra man, and getting a grip in midfield. 0-15 to 1-9. Clare need to raise it again.


Kerry 0-17 Clare 1-10, six left.


A loss by 7 but


No disgrace in that for clare @Raylan


Six in it I thought Joe? We kept it interesting for a long while.


5 wides in a row in middle of second half. Should have been closer


Great goal chance and we had wides back door here we come let’s hope for a handy dtaw


Nice to see John Reddan pick up his 3rd All Ireland medal with a 3rd different county over the weekend. An alright sort.