Clare Gaa Thread mark II


It would have been. O’Brien has been back running for 6 weeks or so, only back hurling since the week after the Limerick game. Will be interesting to see how much game time he got tonight against Dublin, assume he got a good run with McInerney and Cleary unavailable


Also heard Gearoid Mac got the run around from podge but that was from the same fella that told me about O’Brien :wink:



O’Brien and Morey wear the same colour helmet and Morey supposedly went well that day.

Heard the same re Podge. McInerney couldn’t deal with his movement. Think he will struggle at six in August when things really quicken up


Liscannor only an intermediate team now? The county finals they reached were once in a lifetime I guess. Won’t get back to that level.


Depends on the marker too, he’d nullify the likes of bonnar but could have trouble with the likes of podge/lehane


They were in three finals between '02 and '11 I think. A serious generation of players that came together and have now moved off the stage. Even then they would have been working off tight numbers but they are really struggling now


Dublin played Clare in Ennis last night. Dublin won 1-20 to 1-19 or something similar. Pretty much a second string Clare side with a few if the first steamers getting a run second half


Is there a steamer A and steamer B side set up on the Clare panel? Donal ogs finger prints very clear if so.


You tell me, you’d know all about steamers


Ah Jesus that is a terrible effort :laughing:


Gearoid McInerney is a very limited hurler


That’s being kind. He is a big awkward lump


Anything to worry about bud


Limerick won’t beat the dubd


is the football team named?


Next week Joe


O yea sorry bud


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Great stuff from Gerlock

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