Clare Gaa Thread mark II


When is that on bud


Joe can you do me a favour. I’m willing to bet that those lazy cunts on live 95 fm will only give intermittent reports on the match tonight. Can you throw up a link there to Clare fm.
Thanks Joe


I will of course bud on my way


Thanks joe



Thanks joe


Wet windy night


Not a night for hurlllng


Not here either joe.

Many in there


Limerick with the opening score. Pouring rain.


Any live link??



0-7 each at halftime. Took Clare a good while to settle but well in it now. Limerick look strong down the middle, we’re having more joy spreading it out the wings.


Buff Egan providing great updates


Breffnie Horner. :laughing:


Draw game, extra-time to come. Clare were three points up with five to go and dropped a sweeper back. Let Limerick right back into it. Very slow on the line to see lads are struggling with injury too.


Getting dark here :flashlight:


16 each. Ref blows on the stroke of 10.00 with a Limerick man running free onto a breaking ball in midfield


18-17 up, four left


Clare 0-19 Limerick 0-17 AET