Club Championships 2017


I know but galway champs don’t deserve a bye into all Ireland semi surely.


Dowling walked over an amount of cunts this weekend.


To be fair he proved a lot of people wrong but cuala a big step up. Strongest club team I have seen in years.


Na p v Cuala will be a great final .


An epic mugging off .


Who’s left in the football again?


Presuming that Boylan & Grimes are gone for the final, who will come in?

You could argue that Boylan wouldn’t have started anyway, Dowling will surely come in and he’d probably be the player to miss out. Definitely a loss as an impact sub in attack though.

Grimes will be a bigger loss, but at the same time, they probably have more options in the backs. Mike Foley was a regular at wing-back when they won the All-Ireland. If Boylan moved out to wing-back from the corner, Kieran Kennedy could slot in there, also a regular last time. James O’Brien another decent option.


Corofin v Moorefield
Nemo Rangers v Slaughtneil


Any updates on the severity of their crush injuries?


The cunts on here? No idea.


I predict Cuala will win the final handy enough.


Be a huge shock if they didnt.


You might want to tell Paddy Power that


I’d say NAP will be a serious test & it’s a 50-50 game.


We’ll take that :sunglasses:


Can Na P afford to commit two players to the best hurler in Ireland, Con O’Callaghan, and still win? Cuala by 4.


How will Cuala handle the Supermacs superstar?


By inviting him over to Foive Goys in Dundrum the day before


I’m not overly impressed by Cuala from what I’ve seen of them. NAP were bang average last weekend too but I feel their of hunger will Swing this.

I’ll be having a good punt on the LK/Clare boys.


I’d say both teams were confident of going through last weekend – it nearly backfired on NaP.

A fit and fighting 16 stone Dowling will make a massive difference to NaP…