Club Championships 2017


I strongly fancy cuala. I don’t think na pairsaigh can hold treacy,Cronin,schutte and o Callaghan.


They don’t have to do that. They just have to have one player who is willing to incapacitate him with a filthy pull inside the first two minutes.


Can Cuala hold Downes, Dowling, Casey, Breen?


A lot of “holding” needed on one of those lads :sunglasses:.


I think it’ll be a cracker. You could definitely make a very strong case that these are the two best clubs in the country, the last two All-Ireland winners.

Club hurling finals are almost universally disappointing, when was the last time there was a good one?


We could afford to lose two players off the pitch altogether and win so I don’t see why not.


You got it there, Foley or Kennedy to come in as a straight swap most likely I think. Lynch could move back half back too. We haven’t had a full panel to choose from yet this year. Boylan could well have kept his place even with Dowling back, he’s had a great year.

Grimes is a huge loss. I think Na P are the better team overall but the cuala forwards have the potential to do massive damage if we don’t get to grips with them immediately and Grimes is a loss in defence.

Na P have a maddening habit of leaving it late in the game to start hurling, if we don’t bother to turn up for the first half like in the slaughtneil or ballygunner games it’ll be over.

But I think the scare will improve us and we’ll be switched on from the start. We will win.


Against a crowd of Ulster footballers


Dublin, Ulster, same thing.


I’m pretty sure they were playing hurling, mate.


Na Piarsaig are a dirty cynical team (according to this article)


To be fair they can be cynical . Most good teams have that . They are not dirty though .


You’d imagine another month would bring on Casey, Dempsey and Dowling anyways who had all been injured. Grimes will be a loss, Boylan less so in that Dowling started on the bench the last day anyways. @glasagusban alludes to NaP’s struggle to get motoring sometimes in these games - if they do that against Cuala they won’t be able to rely on superior fitness to catch up as they usually do.


For some reason David Dempey was brought back to fill that gap. Couldn’t see him starting there though in fairness.


The last paragraph sums up the accuracy of that piece.


Toomevara v sarsfields last good club final in my opinion. 1992 I think.


Ballyhale v Portumna in 2010 was daycent.


2001 was a good final, Athenry/Graigue Ballycallan


St Brigids vs Ballymun was a great game. Around 2012 or 2013 I’d say


Portumna and Newtown in 2006 was fascinating tactically but an average game.