Club Championships 2017


Moorefield summed up there in that attack. Full forward isolated inside with two defenders on him and yet they balloon a high ball in on top of him which Corofin deal with easily


Not even any support play from Moorefield.


Garrycastle lost a final in 2012 and Portlaoise in 05. Tbf Cross were unbeatable there for a long time. Portlaoise beat them in parnell only to lose to Ballina in the final that year under the captaincy of FOTF Woolberto


How many Leinsters did Portlaoise win in the 00s? They really must rue not winning an A/I


Moorefield no 6 very poor at kicking. Fairly easy chance nestled into the goalkeepers hands there.


Moorefield are some embarrassment.


Moorefield won’t kick more than 6 points today and will need a few soft frees to get that. They are very limited


Only the two actually. In the next decade they kept running into Dublin champions.

The KIB semi and the Boden final are the two that sicken them the most, even more than the Ballina defeat. It’s glorious.


Moorefield just brought in some short, stocky, aggressive lad who looks two stone overweight.


Shane Dowling?


That’s Tyrell, he has no training done I’d say, didn’t even know he was back home


He looks savage overweight. Gave away a stupid foul instantly. Is he a bit touched?


He’d have a savage temper


Moorefield sub drinking a bottle of fizzy lucozade before coming in.



I’d say there’s a touch of MacRoaster to him.


I like the cut of Molloy at wing back for Corofin.


Nah, more of a hothead townie


Jesus christ


2 scores out of 15 attempts.

That’s as bad a return as you will see.


An awful lot of space in the middle of the field in this one. Moorefield are awful and Corofin seem content enough to idle in front. Some of Moorfields shooting has been embarrassing