Club Championships 2017


He was regularly burnt out

Can’t be consistant when being pulled everywhere


A club game and U21 are not akin to senior intercouny hurling


Quite competitive underage really. They play under two different names in football and hurling maybe thats why they dont have a higher profile.


Aren’t they Cuchullians underage or is this someone else?


Yes and wolfe tones in football


What kind of a town is Kanturk?


Backwards & full of hicks & scobes. Best avoided.


A shithole mate.


In what way?


The only thing crucial for The Village was Luke Scanlon being moved to his best position of midfield at half time. He was immense in the second half for such a young player. Some talented young hurlers coming through on that team. Larkin was excellent also.

Richie Power was doing damage in the first half but his knee blew up at the end of the first half and came off at Ht. After that Carrickshock had no real fight left in them. The Village dominated the second half. Three point margin was flattering to Carrickshock. Ref took away from the game a little. Very picky and his implementation of any kind of advantage rule was all over the shop. His whistle happiness contributed to Waltons haul on the day.


Semis on next Sunday?


I believe so. Draw being made at ht of the intermediate today.


AW got ample chances at senior IC hurling . He is proof of the massive gap between u21 and senior .


One could argue he was fucked from pillar to post and never gave a proper position and was generally pokrly managed.

He would have needed 3 years hurling only to reach potential.

But at the same time you are right. Big gap between 2 and also we couldn’t be sure even in right circumstances he would have.

AW was an outstanding Footballer who happened to be from a dual club and would be very effective in both for them. He should have been left at the football and firget about it. The advice he got abd general mis management does not reflect well on those involved.
Kinda like John Gardiner or Tom Kenny could have played football for Cork. But didn’t, cos they had sense



Similar to Kilmallock in lots of ways.
Sizeable secondary schools
Good local industries
Good hinterland of smaller villages
OH and the GAA club robs all the best players from the clubs around it.




His first touch was not IC standard , he wasn’t compact enough and he wasn’t as good in the air as he needed to be . He was never going to be as good as many thought he might be .


Disagree somewhat
He was there in a time when alot of the coaching (or non coaching) was tripe. Cork in Jbm’s years never worked on individuals. Never.

Mind you whoever this lad from the Glen is coaching them he has improved in the last 2 minths immeasurably

But i am still invlined to be more on your side of the coin.


Yeah he’s 30. He’d be part of an exceptional bunch that come through about 10 years ago who never really realised their potential. One final appearance in 2008 v De La Salle.
Very few of them lads still playing senior. Working away being the primary reason and I suppose life taking over.
We’re rebuilding now so happy enough with last night, 17 of the panel togged are U-21.
To be honest though we’re all playing for 2nd place at the moment. Ballygunner are on a different level and I’ll be having a cut off them @ 8/1 to win Munster.