Club Championships 2017


Your biggest worry is they largely delayed celebrations.

These fellas have designs on bigger things.

If there is betting i would be interested to see would the bookies see it as Cork-Tipp or actually understand the levels.


Let’s see how this plays out Cotton.


No idea what you mean.

There is no playing out. They gave the walkiver.

They have already acted like special jumped up gobshites


This is the GAA. It ain’t over yet.



Can you go back on a walkover?

How the fuck does this happen i a foktball only county?


In Laois earlier this year a team togged out in a league final and took home the trophy when the opposition didn’t field, due to objecting to having to play the game without a county player. Cup handed over and done.

The fixture was refixed with both sides agreement 2 weeks ago. The team that didn’t field the first day won.


Well thats just pure weakness.

Clubs will push as much as they will get away with.


Kanturk have u 21 hurling this weekend could you credit it !!!


Ya didn’t a couple play minor and u21 with dugallow also in recent times?

If training is clever its not a hassle.


The team who offered the replay had won the JHC A, the other team had won the JHC B, they were both feeling good about themselves.


Mountmellick one of these?


Correct. They were the winners. For such a large town it’s a disgrace they let Hurling fall as far as it did. An influx of jackeen cunts didn’t help mind you.


They also relied on a few from Kilcavan too. At least they are trying to get their act together.


Ah shur you’d know Mick well.

Kilcavan lost a great man recently, may he RIP.


I would of course. I’ve been getting all the goings on in Laois hurling this year off him!


Would have it down as a generally quiet one this year, as things go. Decent stock the Berminghams.


Some auld lad from the Martin’s told my auld lad that Rory O’Connor needs a knee operation and will be out for a number of months. He missed the county football semi-final with a knee injury but played both hurling and football finals with a bandaged knee. I haven’t seen this mentioned elsewhere so it could be rubbish. Think it would scupper any chance the Martin’s have against Cuala if it’s true though.


More grist to the mill for the Davy haters


Haha. Just what i was thinking.

Was he a dual player?


He only joined the Wexford squad after his Leaving Cert and we were gone in July so don’t think this can be pinned on Davy. But he’s obviously played a pile of hurling and football games between schools, U21 and senior.