Club Championships 2017


Vincent’s midfield and half back line huge injury doubts for this weekend. A sneaky bet on the Wicklow boys for small stake could be order of the day.


I’ve heard the exact same story from a couple of lads who are on the dcu freshers team with Rory.


I think rathnew’s goalkeeper is suspended. This will be a tasty enough affair. Unlikely to finish with 30 players on the field


Apparently Rathnew just bate the last crowd off the field. Wicklow style


That would be fairly typical



Did they just not bother in Waherfurd or what?


It’s not even close to being finished afaik


If he is adding to the load and ignoring the rest as the manager at the highest grade he is very much responsible.

You are responsible for the athlete in front of you and taking into account his life is critical.


I dunno why they bother with football in Waterford, run the fucking thing off in January like they do in KK


Ah that’s a bit harsh.
It’s obvious the board don’t give a flying fuck about football but when do manage to get their shit together and play it off properly the county champions have generally been pretty competitive in Munster. Over the past decade or so, Stradbally, The Nire and Ballinacourty have all contested finals.

As for this year it’s an absolute clusterfuck. There were 9 teams in the losers group playing for 1 semi final spot which will be down to 3 this weekend.
No idea what happens then. Obviously someone gets a bye into the losers final. So in effect the quarter final will be played in a fortnight meaning the earliest the county final will be played is December 10th. With a few draws we could be looking at Christmas Eve


O Connor didnt train or play until after his leaving cert was finished. He didnt line out in U21 games leading up to the leaving either, that surely shows Davy was considering his workload and life circumstances. He may have been doing too much, but it was far from Davy who was overloading him.


An absolute clusterfuck of a championship. It was harder to be eliminated from it than to win it.


Or maybe he made decision himself?


doesnt really matter who made the decision, Davy wasnt overloading him which was what was being implied.


There was a long time since then though


Wexford haven’t been training since losing in July. He was only involved with the senior county squad since his Leaving Cert in June. That was a small window but St Martin’s have been playing every week since Wexford were knocked out en route to both senior county finals (2 groups of 6 followed by quarters, semi and final), and they won U21 hurling during that timeframe too. I’m sure that level of games from July up to end of October increases injury risk but it’s been the most successful season in St Martin’s history rather than a Davy issue. Maybe St Martin’s could have taken him out of a couple of games here and there.


Fair enough. A better explanation.

Agree re: club


It’s who you know…


What are they fetching on black market ??