Club Championships 2018


That’s as bad as you’ll see. Gas cunts.

Under no circumstances was number 20 getting involved anyways


Judging the replies a woman got hit…


Classy cunts alright.


You can’t beat a lovely Nordie accent on a woman.


The heavyset lad that struggles over the fence at 0.22 and then hits the ground within 3 seconds of getting on the other side. :grinning:


No good to me, had them in a lucky 15. You know the story… Grrrrrr.




why does every fuck stick have to record every champo brawl on the camera phone?
years ago, you could a right good rumpus in a club game without it going viral

also, why are lads nearly braining themselves jumping that bar fence when it looks like you can just duck under it


Taigs like to jump and run. Historical ethos.


Chicken wire mesh I’d imagine


I suppose so, they ll need to run a shot of power current through the fencing!

did I gather from the lovely ladies commentating that there was rancour in a previous meeting between the teams


any bit of info on the background to the rancour cicero?


Stevie wouldn’t be long clearing out half of that mob.


I read ‘sorted’ as ‘snorted’. Works for both really.


Not really, there must have been a bit of bother in their previous meeting though.


I only just found who manages one of these sides :smile:


Mr Poacher is serving a 24 week ban apparently


For crimes against sport.


Some young lad wandering round in the midst of it like a backyard squirrel.


Enda knows the score