Club Championships 2018



Did he play for a Dublin club once?


Most definitely not!


Johnny nearly missed an Ulster Club final one year because of the PSNI if I remember correctly


Hanratty Oils are a hub of the South Armagh economy.


Enda McGinley was on OTB today…



How that imbecile is getting Club Finals is fucking beyond me.
He couldn’t be trusted to referee Junior Games at one time without all Hell consistently breaking out.

One thing for cunts to try that shit but getting off without Red cards is double sickening.


The video is doing the rounds. I’m unsure about the stroke that hit Roddy, but the two pulls before it were red cards on their own. He’s a fucking clown and should be ran out of the place


The West board had the right idea a few years ago and only gave him the odd meaningless game which he would still make a fuck of. Tipp county bird couldn’t understand why they were giving him senior games but his home division would only give him Solohead V Emily in Junior B football


Was Roddy the lad in the lad No 11 in the green Helmet? He ran from way off to hit the No 7 to be met with the butt of the hurley in the mouth.


Just catching up with all these videos … what is it with these brain dead footballers that they need to go battering each other and bystanders? Pure boggers.


Roid rage


That’s him. Saying that it was the two strokes that caused him to run in, both of which were punished with a yellow card, not even mentioning the butt of the hurl into the puss.

There’s a photo from later that night doing the rounds of the aggressor and it doesn’t show much remorse shall we say

Have a look in the comments here


You couldn’t be more right. The GAA are gonna have a one punch death in their hands one of these days.


There didn’t seem to be too much in that.


Play was stopped and your man came flying in to hit the number seven. He was met on the snout by the 7 holding his hurley out to protect himself. The lad that burst himself should have been red carded if anything.

Few fairly agricultural swings before that alright :joy:


Ah lads no.7 ffs. :rofl:

Cutting timber.


I think the lads talking about it last night on OTB where hinting at that last night when they were talking about the gym culture in Gaelic Football.


Is there any verified evidence to show there are more brawls in GAA games compared to say 10 years ago ? Or is it simply the camera phone and social media ?