Club Championships 2018


That’s the way it’s gone now with the social media.


There’s definitely less than before if anything


From my experience I would think broadly similar .


Junior A Hurling in West Limerick was basically faction fighting when I was young fella, you’d rarely see any more than the odd schmozzle now.


A great Irish tradition :clap:


Ah it wasn’t that bad . Lk GAA as a whole was never that bad .


Another sport we invented.


Askeaton v Croagh would regularly result in a full scale brawl on the fields and in the stands


Dromcollogher and Broadford were both given 12 month bans after a brawl back in the late 70’s I think.


Croagh were dog rough in the 80s and 90s ok but have calmed . Killeedy too .

Glin footballers in the 80s and 90s were rough men too .


From what I hear Pallasgreen are softening .




cc @chocolatemice actual stick fighting is still practiced as a martial art.

also cc @The_Selfish_Giant


Interesting … i did a small bit of research on it before but didnt turn up too muvh…


We used to have some fantastic dust ups in the Waterford County Finals. The 1999 final between ourselves and Ballygunner was out and out warfare. I got into into a melee on the bank with some Ballygunner fans.


How did you fare?


I got a dunt across the face from one of the Ballygunner women and that softened my cough.



They usually do…


The picture of your man there from Laois with the busted lip. That was an occupational hazard/badge of honour for hurlers until the helmets became compulsory.

Hurling has gone awful soft. Sure the Laois chap had a gum shield on under his full face helmet ffs


Gaelic Football is a game for unskilled oafs.