Club Championships 2018


I take it you were calling the bank cunts and the Ballygunner crowd were crowing about their Ansbacher accounts ?


The decline of Ballybrown contributed to that.


True .


There was a massive brawl between Lismore and Ballygunner back in the early 00’s in Fraher Field down by the score board, if memory serves me it made the 6.01 news at the time - Dan’s brother James got about 6months


Flynn got an awful doing that day and in another county final he was bundled into the back of the net by Passage goalkeeper Ray Barry who proceeded to kick the fuck out of him.


97 Final I think that was, both got the line - club hurling isn’t what it used be


It certainly isn’t . Club rivalries have been sanitized thanks to development squads , school teams , 3rd level teams etc .


I was at that. Think it was the semi final in 04 or 05. Lismore completely lost the plot. They were leading for most of it. Finished with thirteen and then chased after Wadding. Ballygunnar then got stuck in to them. Some right flogs if remember rightly. A lad I was in college with , Mick Walsh was one the Lismore boys sent off. He turned the jersey inside out so he wouldn’t be identified and chased after Wadding at the final whistle! Great evenings entertainment.


A more recent one here.

Mount Sion Dungarvan 2015


Jaysus the number 15 took some smack on the head. Did anything happen to the fella that swung the hurl?


Why is it always wimmin that find their voice during these gaa brawls?

Every video…


Aussie got the line for fuck all the same day


He got three Hail Marys and an Our Father


Was he a county player that did the striking?


He was not.


he got off lightly then, thought only county players got that.


Mount Sion only have the one county player.


Iggy was called. He served. He will be remembered.


Was it Ray Barry who was in goal for your decent under 21 side around 93? I heard he ran out after a ball was cleared and pulled on fergal Hartley up the hole and told him not to let his man turn him again. He trained our side sporadically for a little while a good few years ago. Used to be collected at the ferry, quite often a bottle of Heineken lowered off before and another for the trip home.


Dessie was getting a lot of grief from the crowd.